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AIMS / AIX Projects

: Update -> Yes.

: Update -> Emailing with Joan to find administrator credentials

: Using either (or both) Kerberos or Winbindd

: Update -> Chris started this ball on his own.

: Update -> Redoing Installed to change hostname of aims to "aims.morningside.edu" to allow off campus use.

: Update -> Changed RTS settings to 1500 to attempt to better share bandwidth.

: Update -> Assessment is the last to move.

: Stats! -> http://pointyhat/cgi-bin/apc/multimon.cgi

: Update -> Enrichment working on both. Server uses ASP script for email so it's back to IIS.

: Update -> http://netreg/cgi-bin/scratch/ls-guest.cgi

: Works with static, rebooted smoothie - dhcp internet working again?

: Trendmicro nicely removes Sophos and installs in background on client

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