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Webs (online at webs.morningside.edu) is a static-file serving webserver for faculty, staff, and student needs.

Personal Sites

http://webs.morningside.edu/your-username or http://webs.morningside.edu/~your-username

Personal sites are served out of FS home directories. To activate a personal site, create a directory called public_html in your home directory and it will be shared online automatically (the default file is index.html)

Group Sites


Group sites are accessible to web editors via a common share named after the website, in this example, acacia. The default requirement is that all online files go into public_html. Thus, the files online at http://webs.morningside.edu/acacia may be uploaded to acacia/public_html.

An ActiveDirectory group is created which has write access to the share.


Sites may be administered through the webs command line tool.

[root@filesurfervm ~]# webs

  webs create/add <alias> [fs-path]

  webs remove/rm <alias>

  webs list [simple/links/home/{alias}]

  webs move/mv [-py] <alias> <new-fs-path>

   -p   set permissions [when moving].
   -y   actually make changes (otherwise assume a dry-run.)


Webs requires a delicate balance of file/folder permissions to facilitate Apache web sharing.

There is a script, /usr/local/bin/set-webs-permissions.sh which will set all permissions when called with the -y flag.

[root@filesurfervm ~]#  set-webs-permissions.sh --help
Syntax: /usr/local/bin/set-webs-permissions.sh [-y]
  -y   will cause the program to make real changes.
       Otherwise, we only print what will be done.

In development: I am working on a CFEngine policy to maintain these permissions a bit more elegantly.

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