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Student Notebook Program

About Morningside's Notebook Program

Morningside College features a Notebook Computer Program that sets it apart from other area colleges. At Morningside, students have the option to choose between a Mac and a Windows-based computer. Morningside performs all repairs for the notebook program in-house at the TechnologyServicesCenter.

What is the Technology Refresh?

The Technology Refresh (Tech Refresh) is an component built in to Morningside's Student Notebook Program that helps ensure that graduates have a computer in good working order, in their hands. Students use their first computer through the spring of their sophomore year, at which point they are asked to choose a new computer, to be swapped out in the fall. They once again can choose between a Mac or a PC.

The student then has the option to buy out their original computer for a small fee. That computer comes with another year's worth of warranty through the manufacturer.

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