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File Management Tips

What is File Management?

File management is the process of sorting files and storing them with some sort of organizational structure.

Why should I practice good File Management?

Good file management is beneficial for you because it declutters your computer and makes it easier for you to quickly find files. It also helps make sure that you don't have excessive unnecessary files.

How should I get started?

One of the best places to start is with your course documents. Create a folder for each semester, either on your desktop or even better, inside your documents folder. Inside your semester folder, create folders for each of your courses. Go a step further, and create a folder for each assignment in a course folder. Something that looks like this:

Once you're done with your Documents folder, move on to Downloads. Move any documents that you download from Moodle into the appropriate course folders. When you download installers, such as Flash Player updates, delete the installer after the update is completed. If you download music files, place them in the Music folder. Follow these guidelines and you should be able clean up loose files on your computer in no time.

iTunes users: iTunes creates a folder called "Automatically Add to iTunes" that will automatically import files that you drop into the folder into your Library.