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GCC is not installed by default. To install it (an older version...) 
  pkg install gcc-3

Some difficulty building Nagios under Solaris 11.
===Undefined M_PI===
Solution: install math.h headers
  pkg install math/header-math

===No GD (for status cgis)===
  pkg add gd
  ./configure --gd-include=/usr/include/gd2

==AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) ==
This one is a bit easier:
  pkg install amp

Set your IP Addresses...
  # ipadm create-addr -T static -a bnx0/probe
  # ipadm create-addr -T static -a bnx1/probe

==VirtualBox (within a Zone)==
* Install VBox into the global zone.
* Make the devices available to the zone via zonecfg:
  zonecfg:vboxzone>add device
  zonecfg:vboxzone:device>set match=/dev/vboxdrv
If you are running VirtualBox 2.2.0 or above on Solaris 11 or Nevada hosts, you should add a device for /dev/vboxusbmon too, similar to what was shown above. This does not apply to Solaris 10 hosts due to lack of USB support.
* Make sure appropriate locale is installed in the zone.
  pkg install SUNWuiu8

* Install the X dependencies that aren't satisfied by this zone: 
** Its easy if you search for the missing libs (<tt>ldd /opt/VirtualBox/amd64/VirtualBox.so | grep not</tt>) <tt>with pkg search</tt> as this also searches the package FILES.
  pkg install libxinerama
  pkg install libxrender
  pkg install libxfixes
  pkg install libpng
  pkg install libxi
  pkg install freetype-2
  pkg install fontconfig
  pkg install libxevie 
  pkg install libxscrnsaver

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