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Sirsi Tomcat and TLS configuration

Sirsi2 is running Apache Tomcat as part of its Circulation-Desk software; we have added our wildcard ssl certificate to this system so that it is secure over the internet. This takes some gyrations.

Create a `keystore` compatibile PKCS12 file

Using the globalsign certificates, (such as those exported from the *.pfx file, combine them into a single *.p12 file. These will need an import password which is given in the tomcat configuration (below).

openssl pkcs12 -export -in mycert.crt -inkey mykey.key
                        -out mycert.p12 -name tomcat -CAfile myCA.crt
                        -caname root -chain

Add the certificate to tomcat

The configuration file is in D:\tomcat\conf\server.xml and the keystoreFile specified in a Connector tag. Specify the filename and password here.

Restart tomcat

Tomcat 6 is listed in the Windows Services list, select it and choose restart to enable any changes.


You may verify the key by visiting https://sirsi2.morningside.edu:8443

= Sirsi Overdue notification configurations = The blat program was copied from http://sourceforge.net/projects/blat and unzipped into d:\sirsi\unicorn\bincustom\ then deployed according to Sirsi instructions:

Set up or Change an Email Server on a Windows Server Using Blat
This solution explains the steps needed to change or install a link to an email server to work with SirsiDynix Symphony on a Windows server.
It uses Blat, which is third party software which works on Windows servers only. "Blat" is like "sendmail" on a Unix server; it is responsible for forwarding the emails to your mail server.
On your SirsiDynix Symphony server, open a command prompt
Navigate to the \Sirsi\Unicorn\Bincustom directory
blat -install [email server IP address] [default email address]
where [email server IP address] is the IP address of the (new) email server, and [default email address] is the email address from which you would like emailed notices to come.
So, for example:
blat -install mail@sirsidynix.com (link sends e-mail)
This should result in the response (for this example): SMTP server set to on port 25 with mail@sirsidynix.com (link sends e-mail)
Once this is done, you can test your installation. To do so, type the following:
'blat -to [your E-mail address] -subject "This is a test" -body "This is a test."
If the email address you specified receives the email, then it is working properly.
Note: If a different response was received in step 3, or the test email does not arrive, test the connection between the SirsiDynix Symphony server and the email server by trying to open a telnet connection from the former to the latter. If this will not connect, it will probably need to be referred back to your IT department.

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