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The Bubble scanner is located on the first floor of the Library. The librarians can help you use it, and several faculty members and administrative assistants can help you work with the data. IT maintains the hard and software.

Specialized forms are needed, for example:

Rational: Why do we have paper-based testing? Our continued use of bubble sheets and a scanner sometimes draws critisism and deserves a rational. There are a few. First and formost is our need a failsafe backup procedure for reliable testing in large numbers. Although online testing and clickers are more convienient, they are also more likely to be used when a reliable fall-back is available amid worries of internet shortages, students forgetting computers, low batteries, etc. As Aaron Bunker says "If I bring the exams and students hand fill them out then that is 100% full proof against those problems."

ScantronParScore Account Executive is: Mr. Haley Cawelti, 1251 E Dyer Rd #200 Santa Ana, CA 92705 [ P ]1.800.722.6876 X7405 [ F ] 714.437.4218

Administrator instructions: (as of Dec. 17, 2012) by Andy Heiser.

ParSCORE Network 6.5 Registration ID: 697-454-9016 Serial #: RPSWL-6.5A-0413 Purchased summer 2008 1-800-722-6876 www.scantron.com

  1. New users need to be added to the bubblescan group in Active Directory. This will give them permissions to this network share.
  2. New users also need to be added to the ParScore software. Find and open the administrator logon; see PassWords.

  3. Then use the instructions by Georgianna Wolf in the doc "Bubblescan Outline"

Known issues

Trouble notes Oct. 25, 2013 (Andy Heiser) After a 'successful' new install, the pswinx client triggered a windows alert box 'invalid network drive U.' or on other installs: 'invalid network drive \.' The same error pops when a new user tries to use a workstationold existing PSwinx client (for example when the new instructor tried to login and use Georgianna's workstation). I have found two work-arounds: 1. disconnect and reconnect the U drive (\\fs\bubblescan) worked when I was on the library workstation 2. open the psadmin client, close and then the pswinx client worked (it mounted the U drive) 3. on my workstation, neither of the above worked. But I was able to use the pswin client (no x in the file name.)

Upgrade path

Note 8/26/14: we have purchased the latest ParScore (networked, unlimited user) and are waiting for later in the term to implement. (upgrade each user's client, and upgrade the workstation in the library). See bug 1014.

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