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location: SOP-002_Calming_CPU_Utilization_on_dvserver

Description & Scope

This SOP describes how to help the DuVoice server (hostname: dvserver.morningside.edu) recover when it's svchost.exe takes all of the CPU. This normally happens after a reboot because, though it is technically turned off, Windows Update still fires off a process under svchost.exe

Here is a description of the problem: http://www.infoworld.com/t/microsoft-windows/microsoft-fix-windows-xp-update-svchost-redline-issue-soon-230940



  1. Log In with *non-domain* credentials: duvoice is the username
  2. Locate the "Procexp.exe" on the desktop and run it
  3. Find the offending svchost.exe (look for CPU utilization) and you will see wauclaut.exe (the windows update executable)
  4. Right-click on the svchost.exe and *kill the process tree* (you should immediately see an improvement in system responsiveness)
  5. Log out and you're done.

Procedure Validation



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