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location: SOP-001_Blocking_a_URL_with_the_Firewall

Description & Scope

This SOP describes how to block a URL from access to all campus computers. The expected purpose of this is to block phishing and malware site attacks.



Login to firewall

Direct the browser to (or http://sonicwall.morningside.edu). You will need to confirm security exceptions because the firewall does not have a valid SSL certificate.

Your Morningside credentials should get you in here.

From the popup, choose "Manage."

Add content to the CFS

Choose Security Services > Content Filter.

Scroll down to CFS custom category. Choose the pencil to configure the "Phishing" category.

Add the domain name to the content field and chose, "Add."

Choose OK Accept the changes and log out of the firewall management interface.

Procedure Validation

Attempt to visit the url of the page you just blocked. It is recommended that you use a different computer or browser to avoid caching issues.


Deriving domain name from URL


Here the protocol is http, the domain is domain.tld and the path is /path/to/file.html


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