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Progress Charts

Progress Charts are currently a spreadsheet assembled by the office of the registrar, Julie Bamrick, showing a students progress towards their declared major.

The students gain access by logging in to "My Files" from the portal, where they only see their own progress chart from the share /common/progresscharts/Student Progress Charts where the file permissions are controlled by fs:/usr/local/bin/progress-chart-perms.sh


Julie gets into her "masters" (Program templates) from the share fs:/common/progresscharts/Progress Chart Masters to edit them.

For historical reasons, she requests that these files be "locked" (read-only) when she's not actively working on them. To assist in this, there is a program fs:/usr/local/bin/progress-charts-master-perms.sh that will take a directory in /common/progresscharts/Progress Chart Masters such as 2011-2012 and lock or unlock it for you:

[root@filesurfervm Student Progress Charts]# progress-charts-master-perms.sh 
USAGE: /usr/local/bin/progress-charts-master-perms.sh <LOCK|UNLOCK> <progress-chart-year>
EX: /usr/local/bin/progress-charts-master-perms.sh LOCK 2015-2016
to lock up the /common/progresscharts/Progress Chart Masters/2015-2016 directory.

An action photo:

[root@filesurfervm Progress Chart Masters]# progress-charts-master-perms.sh LOCK  2015-2016/
Working on /common/progresscharts/Progress Chart Masters/2015-2016/

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