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==Network Registration System (NetReg)==
===DHCPd (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol- daemon)===
<pre>max-lease-time 120;
default-lease-time 120;
option domain-name "mustang.morningside.edu";
ddns-domainname "mustang.morningside.edu";
omapi-port 7911;
ddns-update-style interim;
ignore client-updates;
one-lease-per-client true;
server-name "ris.mustang.morningside.edu";
filename "startrom.com";
DHCPd identified guests based on Mac Address registration which places them in one of the following categories: Admin, guest, students, wireless, all, and special (<tt>/etc/dhcpd/dynamic.reg, /etc/dhcpd/manual.reg, /etc/dhcpd/permanent.reg</tt>). These registrations are mapped to 'zones' which determine which vlan a MAC address will get an IP address on in <tt>/etc/dhcpd/dhcp_zones.conf</tt>

===BIND (Berkley Internet Naming Daemon)===
Jailed hosts are assigned NetReg's own ip as default DNS server which in turn resolves *''every''* DNS request to netreg. Thus, <tt>http://www.google.com</tt> resolves to <tt>http://netreg.morningside.edu/</tt> and you are strongly encouraged to register.

====How Jail Works====
To make our jail legitimate the core Router is configured via ACL to block <tt>192.168.x.2-65</tt> to anything on another subnet except netreg or the internet.

====How Guests Work====
Guests work by assigning a 'Jail' ip but giving a working DNS server. 
'''BUG:''' Guest subnets are currently limited to 10 simultaneous hosts.

===Apache (Administration Site)===
(Under Contruction!)

===Tying it all together===
BIND, DHCPd, Apache and our Core Router work in harmony to provide this wonderful service we know as NetReg. Enjoy!

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