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EMS System

Central Scheduling uses EMS Professional 13.0, Dean Evans and Associates. (There is also an academic module available ($$) that is very appropriate for us.)


the Support Center at www.dea.com; our logon is in PassWords

Tyson Smith Senior Regional Account Executive EVENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Dean Evans & Associates, Inc. 303.740.4839 (direct) 303.796.7429 (fax) www.dea.com


Server parameters: Server: sched2/EMS Database: EMSdata

find the files in \\serve\Doc Store\software\Event Management System


best to go to the support site, www.dea.com, to get latest versions and instructions.

How to change the homepage (http://events.morningside.edu/VirtualEms/)

Andy Heiser Sept. 7, 2012

  1. In client: Configuration > Web Text > default.aspx > Edit

  2. To refresh the page: Goto: http://events.morningside.edu/VirtualEms/systemcheck.aspx and clear the cache.

The logo at the top of the page is "customlogo.gif" (or .jpg) (width of no more than 450 pixels) on the web server, C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\VirtualEMS(ProductName)\Images.

There is a "custom.css" file that other schools use (Penn State, Harvard Law, U Neb@Lincoln) but as of today I do not know how to set this up.

Custom links:

To make a custom link, you need to be an authenticated user (setup in client under Web Users), and log into the VMS from a browser. Use Admin > Generate Custom Link. Copy only the url to paste into the HTML of the default.aspx.

Images can be loaded to the images folder on the server, and referenced with: <img src="images/coolphoto.png">

As an authenticated user, you can edit the page and clear the cache under 'admin functions'.


1. Set up the custom.css so that we can get hover effects etc. 2. Better format for the two links off site

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