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Data Breach Helpful Hints


We have Network Security & Privacy Liability insurance with EIIA. See Ron for details. (We also get Educators Legal Liability) Our contact is:

Sandy Lorens 312-568-5525 slohrens@eiia.org

Call Sandy very first thing. She can give perspective and marshal resources. They designate the companies who will do investigations, mitigation, and public relations, etc.

The EIIA Risk Management Team has developed the Network Security and Privacy Liability FAQ Review to help guide members with frequently asked questions about data breaches. Included in the document is the Data Breach Potential Incident Flow Chart for dealing with a potential incident of data breach. More information on data breaches can be found in the Risk ManagementAdvice by Campus DepartmentInformation Technology section of the EIIA website.

As part of our EIIA we have access to legal advise, although I don't know if they charge us if there is not a claim.

Natasha Baker nbaker@hkemploymentlaw.com 415-835-9004

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