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MAC instructions moved to: https://osmium.morningside.edu/confluence/x/HwGw

Windows instructions moved to: https://osmium.morningside.edu/confluence/x/LgGw

Connecting to the Morningside Wireless Network

What's the Difference?

Generally speaking, MUSTANG is a guest network that requires no authentication. Morningside is a secure network with more modern features.

See MorningsideWireless for details about the Morningside Wireless Network.

How do I connect my Mac OS based computer?

  1. Choose the Airport icon from the top menu. After verifying that the AirPort is on, select the network you wish to join (Morningside).

  2. The Morningside network requires a username and password. Never, ever use your own credentials to authenticate another persons computer!
    1. If the password is mis-typed, you will be informed:
  3. You will be prompted to "trust" the certificate. (Go ahead and "Show certificate" if you're inquisitive.)
    1. The reason the certificate has to be "Trusted", when it is a valid certificate is detailed if "Show Certificate" is chosen: The SSL certificate is valid, but the machine is not set to trust GlobalSign CA.

  4. You'll be prompted for the computer password to allow the change.

Congratulations, you're now connected! (Notice the friendly checkmark next to Morningside.)

Simple troubleshooting:

Turn the AirPort off and then back on again. This sounds silly but both Apple and Win7 computers maintain a death grip on whatever AP they first associated with. If the station moves they probably will not connect to a better AP. Cycling the AirPort will cause the Apple to possibly connect to a nearer radio.

How Do I Connect my Windows based computer?

  1. Ensure that the wireless is enabled, and select the "Morningside" network:
  2. Next, You'll be prompted to enter credentials to connect.
    1. Never, ever enter your credentials for someone elses computer!
    2. If the password or username is invalid, you'll either receive the "Network Authentication" dialog again or be notified and re-prompted:
  3. While Windows has the GlobalSign CA certificate installed by default, it is not selected as a Trusted certificate. Therefore, you will get an error. Clicking on the details box will show the entire message. If one reads closely, we can see that the certificate is valid. Go ahead and click "connect"

Congratulations! You are now connected to the Morningside wireless.

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