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CFEngine is a configuration management software which works by the basis of "promises". Configuration is managed by promising certain conditions, which the cf-agent attempts to fulfil on a given system.

It is presently in testing on campus where it's most interesting production use is presently ensuring that VMWare Tools are installed and up to date.

It runs on brush.morningside.edu.

Crash course:

All configuration is in brush.morningside.edu:/var/cfengine/masterfiles/. Morningside-specific files are kept in ./mside/. To hook in to CFEngine, Morningside files are included through ./promises.cf. Local policy assignments are currently defined in ./mside/mside.cf.

A policy may be written an executed completely stand-alone (as is often done for testing), several examples exist in ./mside/debug/. Once policy is considered stable it is moved into ./mside and called from ./mside/mside.cf on appropriate classes.

All of ./mside is kept under git control. Long-term, the ideal would be to ONLY modify these files through git. That is: We should test, dev, and stage off of the policy hub. Once every thing tests 100%, a git pull will be performed on the policy hub to bring new policy into production.

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